Using Monero to spend Bitcoin anonymously

Converting Bitcoin into Monero and back into Bitcoin on Tails.

This guide assumes you already have the latest version of Tails installed and persistence set up. Start Tails with your persistent storage unlocked. An admin password is not required.

This method can leave you vulnerable to amount correlation analysis if you are not careful. It is important that the amount of BTC sent to Electrum and Morphtoken, and the amount of BTC sent by do not correlate within a small time span.

Ways to mitigate:
- Send a significantly higher amount to Electrum and Morphtoken than you are expecting to spend.
- Or, wait a couple hours before converting your Monero back to Bitcoin.

Part 1: Setting up Electrum on Tails

This part is optional, but recommended. It will make a later step more convenient.

1: Make sure Bitcoin client persistence is enabled

2: Open Electrum.

3: Create a new electrum wallet

4: Send Bitcoin to your electrum wallet.

Part 2: Installing a Monero wallet on Tails

We will use the Monero CLI as it is currently the easiest wallet to set up on Tails.

The quickest way to do this is to use the terminal method. Take a look at this video to see the full process.

If something unexpected happens you can also install the CLI manually.

Spend some time to familiarize yourself with the CLI, you can find a list of common commands and important information on how to operate it here.

Part 3: Installing Morphscript on Tails

We will use morphscript to convert BTC to XMR without using javascript.

You can find the script here. Carefully read the instructions.

Please take a look at the visual guide if you have trouble getting it to start.

Part 4: Converting BTC to XMR

1: In your Monero CLI wallet enter: address new

2: Start morphscript

torsocks python3

3: Send Bitcoin to complete the order

4: Check the status of the order

torsocks python3 view --id morphtokenid

5: Receive the XMR in you Monero CLI

Part 5: Converting XMR back to BTC

1: In the Tor browser navigate to (no javascript required) and create a new order.

2: Review the order

3: Scroll down and copy the Monero CLI command

4: Paste the command into your Monero wallet