CLI instructions

Common commands:


For an introduction to Monero:


For a full list of commands:


Help with a specific command:

help <command>

Addresses and balance

To view your primary address:


To create a new subaddress:

address new

To view all (sub)addresses:

address all

To show your balance:


Transferring and receiving

To create a new transaction:

transfer <address> <amount>


To send the entire balance

sweep_all index=all <address>

If an expected incoming transaction isn't showing up or your wallet goes [out of sync] you may need to refresh your wallet:



To disable the need to enter your password every time you receive a transaction:

set ask-password 0

To disable background mining:

set setup-background-mining 0

To disable the inactivity lock:

set inactivity-lock-timeout 0


To display your seed:


To display your restore height:


Useful when troubleshooting

To display wallet status:


Not synced or syncing? -> Try refresh or changing your remote node.

To display wallet version:


Older than 18.0.0? -> Upgrade to the latest version: Tails

To show your transfer history:


Transfer stuck as pending? -> How to resolve

Other common

To exit the wallet:


Important: always close the wallet using the exit command. Closing the window will cause newly generated subaddresses to disappear and will not save your syncing progress. This does not result in a loss of funds.

Incoming transactions will automatically show up in the CLI. It takes 10 blocks (~20 minutes) before your balance unlocks after receiving a tx, you will know how much balance is spendable by typing balance and looking for unlocked balance.

You may be used to press ctrl+c/v to copy/paste text. This will not work in the terminal. Instead use right click -> copy/paste. Pressing ctrl+c may close your wallet unexpectedly

You may find the text of the Monero wallet to be hard to read on a white background. You can change your terminal to have a black background by pressing Edit in the menu bar -> Profile Preferences -> Colors, then uncheck 'Use colors from system theme'. Note that these settings will not persist after a reboot.

Next: Take a look at the toubleshooting section, so you know what issues you may encounter