Changing the remote node

1 Close your wallet. (Always do this by using exit)

2 Navigate to your wallet folder

3 If you followed the guide on this site you will find a file called in this folder, open this file with a text editor.

4 Replace the part after --daemon-address with a node from the list of list of remote nodes.
 - It is important that you also copy the port (5 numbers at the the end) as some remote nodes use a different port.

To use xmkwypann4ly64gh.onion:18081 as a remote node:
torsocks ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address xmkwypann4ly64gh.onion:18081

To use zdhkwneu7lfaum2p.onion:18099 as a remote node:
torsocks ./monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address zdhkwneu7lfaum2p.onion:18099

5 Restart your wallet.