Setting up Feather on Tails

Feather is currently in beta.

Please submit bug reports to our issue tracker. You may also open a new thread on /d/Monero on Dread or /r/FeatherWallet on Reddit, or join us on irc: #feather on OFTC.

The estimated space requirement for the complete installation is less than 40 MB. The installation should only take a minute or two to complete.

If you experience any issues with this guide please contact me. I'll help you set everything up properly.

Enabling Tails persistence

It is highly recommended to store your wallet files on a persistent volume. If you haven't already set up your persistent storage, follow the instructions here to set it up.

Installing Feather

1. Download the latest AppImage for Tails from

 - Wait for the download to finish before continuing

2. Move the AppImage to a Persistent directory if you want your wallets to be saved

3. Make the AppImage executable

4. Double click to run Feather

Feather will automatically connect to a remote node. If you would like to use your own node, go to File -> Settings -> Node and add a custom node.

The next time you boot Tails:

Simply double click on the AppImage to start Feather. Your wallets will be detected automatically.