Setting up Feather on Tails

The estimated space requirement for the complete installation is less than 30 MB. The installation should only take a minute or two to complete.

If you experience any issues with this guide please contact me. I'll help you set everything up properly.

For a more detailed guide see the official documentation.

Enabling Tails persistence

It is highly recommended to store your wallet files on a persistent volume. If you haven't already set up your persistent storage, follow the instructions here to set it up.

Installing Feather

1. Download the latest AppImage for Tails from

 - Wait for the download to finish before continuing

2. Move the AppImage to a Persistent directory if you want your wallets to be saved

3. Make the AppImage executable

 - Right click on the AppImage -> Properties -> Permissions
 - Check "Allow executing file as program"

4. Start Feather

 - Right click -> Run

Feather will automatically connect to a remote node. If you would like to use your own node, go to File -> Settings -> Node and add a custom node.

The next time you boot Tails:

Simply double click on the AppImage to start Feather. Your wallets will be detected automatically.

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