Setting up a Monero CLI wallet on Whonix

Monero CLI is installed by default on Whonix.

Make sure you're on the latest version of Whonix

1 Open a terminal

2 In the terminal type:

sudo apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade

Wait for the process to complete, this may take a while.

Create a startup script

1 In the terminal type:

cd && echo "monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address mxcd4577fldb3ppzy7obmmhnu3tf57gbcbd4qhwr2kxyjj2qi3dnbfqd.onion:18081" > && chmod +x

2 Now start the wallet by typing:


Creating a new wallet

1 Type a name for your wallet (e.g. monero, remember this) and hit enter

2 Confirm the creation of a new wallet
 - Type Y and hit enter

3 Enter a password and confirm the password

4 Select the desired language for your 25 word seed.
 - For English press 1 followed by enter.
 - If it gets stuck here for longer than 30 seconds after hitting enter -> the node is down. How to resolve.

5 Write down your 25 word seed and optionally the current block height (You can find this here:
 - If you fail to do this and something happens to your Tails install or persistent volume your Monero are gone forever.
 - You can use this seed to recover the wallet
 - The wallet creation height can be used to restore the wallet from seed faster

6 Don't enable background mining
 - Type N and hit enter

7 The wallet will now refresh, this can take a couple minutes.
 - If you experience any connectivity issues, please consult the troubleshooting section on changing the remote node

Congratulations, your CLI wallet is now set-up.

To open the wallet next time you boot Whonix

1 Open the terminal and type


2 Enter your wallet name and password.

3 Wait for the wallet to refresh

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