Setting up a Monero GUI wallet on Whonix

If you experience any issues with this guide please contact me. I'll help you set everything up properly.

Monero GUI is installed by default on Whonix.

Make sure you're on the latest version of Whonix

1 Open a terminal

2 In the terminal type:

sudo apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade

Wait for the process to complete, this may take a while.

Creating a new wallet

1 Open the GUI
 - Start menu -> Internet -> Monero GUI

2 Set your language, then click continue.

3 Choose 'Advanced mode'

4 Click 'Create a new wallet'

5 Write down your 25 word seed and optionally the current block height (You can find this here:
 - If you fail to do this and something happens to your Whonix install your Monero are gone forever.
 - You can use this seed to recover your wallet
 - The wallet creation height can be used to restore the wallet from the seed faster
 - You can change the name of the wallet if you like

6 Enter a password and confirm the password, then click Next.

7 Click 'Connect to a remote node' and fill in remote node details.
 - Remote Node Hostname / IP: rbpgdckle3h3vi4wwwrh75usqtoc5r3alohy7yyx57isynvay63nacyd.onion:18089
 - Port: 18089

Note: the remote node above is operated by, feel free to choose a different node from the list of remote nodes.

8 Click 'Open wallet'

Congratulations, your Monero GUI wallet is now set-up.

To open the wallet the next time you boot Whonix:

1 Start menu -> Internet -> Monero GUI

Next: Instructions on how to use the GUI.